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Squeeze value out of your cards

April 6th, 2020 · 2 min read
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Today, we’re launching CreditJuicer, a tool to help you maximize your credit card rewards. CreditJuicer includes a data-driven recommendation engine, an Amazon-like credit card marketplace, and a detailed overview of every credit card. It’s designed to help you squeeze value from your cards--and help you decide your next credit card.

After spending time researching for our next credit card, we realized how hard it was to find and compare the best credit cards with data to back up the claims. Most websites gave a review of a credit card that didn’t compare it to the alternatives and didn’t account for our own different spending habits. We wanted a personalized experience to compare all credit cards on an equal playing field. We decided to create CreditJuicer, an all-in-one resource that adapts to your spending habits and allows you to make the most informed decision on your next credit card.

Empowering you with the right tools

We’re launching with an intelligent recommendations system, an easy-to-use credit card shopping page, and a detailed credit card “checkout” page. Just like the online shopping websites we use today, CreditJuicer is intuitive, adapts to your preferences, and lets you browse around with the tools you need.

Cards page w/ filters
An example of some filters applied

Our recommendations page asks 7 simple questions to hone in on the best credit cards for you. It’s simple enough for a credit card beginner, but comprehensive enough for the most serious award hackers. Our credit card marketplace is designed to give you the power to filter and sort any combination you wish. It’s a seamless way to compare and sort through your favorite credit cards. Our credit card “checkout” page contains all the information you need to apply for a new credit card. It factors in your monthly spend to determine your year-end rewards value. Together, these tools will help you squeeze the most value of your cards.

Stay tuned for more

We’re launching with a website that empowers you with the tools to choose your next credit card. This is just the beginning-- we’re aiming to bring you more powerful tools to make reward collection faster, easier, and better. Along the way, stay updated by checking out our blog.

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Squeeze value out of your cards

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